psychedelic rainbow swirl lollipop cake.
taiwan beer-house woked clams.
sourdough with peaches, honey, mint, and ricotta.
spiked pistachio cream cake milkshakes.



I’m happy with the results of my baked goods, but I rarely squeal of joy.

One year ago yesterday, I blogged my frustration of a failed mango cake for my mom’s birthday.

One year later, TADA!!!! I made an amazing (my mom’s word) birthday cake! My mom loves mango and I’ve always wanted to…

funfetti biscotti.
thai glazed skillet corn.
pumpkin spice chocolate chip muffins with maple cream cheese frosting.
grilled eggplant pesto sandwiches.
vegan hot fudge peanut butter pie.
tart cherry-glazed brussels sprouts.
funfetti cake with marzipan bunting.