whole wheat buffalo chicken pizza.
roasted vegetable whole wheat pizza.



I’ve always been more of a savory girl. It’s not uncommon for me to opt out of dessert altogether in favor of a second heaping portion of dinner. My tongue belongs to the salts and savories. But lately, all I’ve wanted is Oreos.

It started when I made 6 dozen Oreo Cookies’n’Cream Cupcakes…
whole wheat chocolate chip pumpkin cookie bars.
whole wheat chocolate fudge zucchini snack cake.
caramelized onion, gruyere, and pepper bacon whole wheat pizza.
whole wheat chocolate chip cake.
whole wheat pasta with broccoli, tomato, and chickpea sauce.
wholegrain lemon poppy seed layer cake.
red velvet protein pancakes.
whole wheat chocolate chip banana bread pancakes with vanilla coconut glaze.
whole wheat banana bread with coconut cinnamon streusel.